From Public Information to Active Citizenship

With financial support from the Open Society Fund – Bosnia and Herzegovina, under its civil society program, the Public Interest Advocacy Center is implementing the project “From Public Information to Active Citizenship”. We believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina can have an efficient and transparent public finance system which will work in the interest of both state and citizens only if the contents, basic characteristics and key issues related to the BiH public finance system are rendered easily understandable to the average citizen. This represents a prerequisite to reduce non-transparent public expenditure-related decision-making and decision-making based on the discretionary powers of the political elites in BiH, while providing citizens with complete and understandable information on how public expenditure is being managed. A research conducted in 2010, using a sample of 1,000 BiH citizens, has demonstrated that a considerable number of people do not have any information on extrabudgetary funds or procedures and institutions that play key roles in the allocation of extrabudgetary funds. This is why the activities of this project are aimed at initiating the broadest possible debate on the effectiveness and priorities of the extrabudgetary funds allocation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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