Public Expenditure Glossary

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have the right to request that public funds be managed and spent in a rational and economical way. As they spend funds from the public budget, the state authorities are obliged to provide detailed explanations of their expenditures and present it in a form easily understandable to the average […]

Open Public Procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As a part of the EU program for the Implementation of the Anti-corruption Strategy and Action Plan in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in partnership with the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) and the Center for Social Research – Analitika, the Public Interest Advocacy Center is implementing the Open Public Procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina Project.  […]

From Public Information to Active Citizenship

With financial support from the Open Society Fund – Bosnia and Herzegovina, under its civil society program, the Public Interest Advocacy Center is implementing the project “From Public Information to Active Citizenship”. We believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina can have an efficient and transparent public finance system which will work in the interest of both […]

Public Expenditure Counter

The Public Expenditure Counter was put up in the busiest street in Sarajevo at the end of 2011. Its display shows the amount and the speed of public spending around the clock, which serves as a constant reminder of the taxpayers’ money spent by the BiH institutions each year. It tracks the public expenditure at […]

Open Budget Survey (OBS)

The Public Interest Advocacy Center has conducted the Open Budget Survey (OBS), researching the state–level budget process at in Bosnia and Herzegovina by applying the methodology of the International Budget Partnership (IBP) – an organization that measures, ranks and publishes the rank list of countries based on the criteria of budget process openness.  The latest […]

South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy

SEE SEP (South East Europe Sustainable Energy Policy) is a project that includes 14 civil society organizations from 7 countries of Southeast Europe as well as two international organizations – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and CEE Bankwatch Network.  The countries of the region are facing a major challenge when it comes to rendering the production […]


BalkanMythBusters (BMB) is envisaged as a regional project that would use reportages, art and documentary films to question the most significant myths, prejudices and misconceptions that have been accumulating in the Balkans for centuries, and which are still intensively shaping our present. Myths are being interpreted as facts and valued as valid arguments, and themes […]

One Stop Access to Budget Data

In partnership with the Open Knowledge Foundation from the UK, and with financial assistance from the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Public Interest Advocacy Center is currently implementing One Stop Access to Budget Data project. We believe that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are entitled to know how the […]


The webpage gdjejelova.ba has been created to collect and present information on public finance in a way that is easily understandable to the average citizen, including both public revenue and expenditure aspects. We are monitoring public expenditures incurred by various government levels (State, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, District of Brčko, cantonal […]